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あなたの人生に残念と後悔を残しないように、私たちはできるだけ人生を変えるあらゆるチャンスをつかむ必要があります。あなたはそれをやったことができましたか。TopExamのOracle1z0-067 学習体験談は成功したいIT職員のために作成されたのです。あなたがOracleの1z0-067 学習体験談に合格することを助けます。成功と擦れ違うことを避けるように速く行動しましょう。

短い時間に最も小さな努力で一番効果的にOracleの1Z0-060 独学書籍の準備をしたいのなら、TopExamのOracle1Z0-060 独学書籍を利用することができます。TopExamのトレーニング資料は実践の検証に合格すたもので、多くの受験生に証明された100パーセントの成功率を持っている資料です。TopExamを利用したら、あなたは自分の目標を達成することができ、最良の結果を得ます。

試験科目:Upgrade Oracle9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP
問題と解答:全177問 1z0-067 学習体験談

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試験科目:Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
問題と解答:全150問 1Z0-060 独学書籍

>> 1Z0-060 独学書籍


IT技術の急速な発展につれて、IT認証試験の問題は常に変更されています。したがって、TopExamの1z0-067 学習体験談も絶えずに更新されています。それに、TopExamの教材を購入すれば、TopExamは一年間の無料アップデート・サービスを提供してあげます。問題が更新される限り、TopExamは直ちに最新版の1z0-067 学習体験談を送ってあげます。そうすると、あなたがいつでも最新バージョンの資料を持っていることが保証されます。TopExamはあなたが試験に合格するのを助けることができるだけでなく、あなたは最新の知識を学ぶのを助けることもできます。このような素晴らしい資料をぜひ見逃さないでください。


NO.1 Which three statements are true about the working of system privileges in a multitenant
control database (CDB) that has pluggable databases (PDBs)?
A. System privileges with the with grant option container all clause must be granted to a common
user before the common user can grant privileges to other users.
B. Common users connected to a PDB can exercise privileges across other PDBs.
C. Local users cannot use local system privileges on the schema of a common user.
D. System privileges apply only to the PDB in which they are used.
E. The granter of system privileges must possess the set container privilege.
Answer: A,D,E

1Z0-060 番号   1Z0-060 解答   
A, Not D: In a CDB, PUBLIC is a common role. In a PDB, privileges granted locally to PUBLIC enable all
local and common users to exercise these privileges in this PDB only.
C: A user can only perform common operations on a common role, for example, granting privileges
commonly to the role, when the following criteria are met:
The user is a common user whose current container is root.
The user has the SET CONTAINER privilege granted commonly, which means that the privilege applies
in all containers.
The user has privilege controlling the ability to perform the specified operation, and this privilege has
been granted commonly
* Every privilege and role granted to Oracle-supplied users and roles is granted commonly except for
system privileges granted to PUBLIC, which are granted locally.

NO.2 Identify three benefits of Unified Auditing.
A. The audit trail cannot be easily modified because it is read-only.
B. It automatically audits Recovery Manager (RMAN) events.
C. Decreased use of storage to store audit trail rows in the database.
D. It guarantees zero-loss auditing.
E. It improves overall auditing performance.
Answer: A,B,E

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NO.3 To enable the Database Smart Flash Cache, you configure the following parameters:
DB_FLASH_CACHE_FILE = '/dev/flash_device_1' , '/dev/flash_device_2'
What is the result when you start up the database instance?
A. Two 32G flash cache files will be used.
B. Two 64G flash cache files will be used.
C. It results in an error because these parameter settings are invalid.
D. One 64G flash cache file will be used.
Answer: C

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NO.4 Your database supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) application. The application is
undergoing some major schema changes, such as addition of new indexes and materialized views.
You want to check the impact of these changes on workload performance.
What should you use to achieve this?
A. Automatic Workload Repository compare reports
B. Database replay
C. SQL Access Advisor
D. SQL Tuning Advisor
E. SQL Performance Analyzer
Answer: E
You can use the SQL Performance Analyzer to analyze the SQL performance impact of any type of
system change. Examples of common system changes include:
Database upgrades
Configuration changes to the operating system, hardware, or database
Database initialization parameter changes
Schema changes, such as adding new indexes or materialized views
Gathering optimizer statistics
SQL tuning actions, such as creating SQL profiles